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Commercial Roofing Inspection Services in Pennsylvania

Extend the Lifespan of Your Current Roof

Do you know the current age and condition of your roof? Schedule a professional commercial roof inspection service and find out how many years you have left.

A regularly scheduled roof inspection will identify areas of concern, make quick fixes as needed, and increase the lifespan of your roof. By being proactive and scheduling regular commercial roof evaluations, you can save thousands of dollars in internal damage or having to replace your roof early. Moser Roofing provides a comprehensive plan for commercial roofing inspection services serving the Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic area.

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Importance of Industrial Roof Inspection Services

A roof inspection gives you a better understanding of the current state of your commercial roof. Instead of your maintenance team climbing up on the roof to make temporary repairs, a roof inspection provides actionable recommendations for repairs you need to make. Plus, you can know the overall condition of your roof and when it is time to upgrade to an energy-efficient roofing system.

What’s Included with a Roof Inspection?

During a roof inspection, a member of our team goes over every square foot of your roof. We’ll look at troublesome areas, taking photos and measurements as we go.

After your inspection, you will receive a 360° photo journal of your entire roof. This interactive document will offer a detailed description of your roof, including:

  • Overview images of your roof
  • Highlight areas of concern – either current damage or conditions that could result in leaks
  • Maintenance suggestions
  • Approximate remaining service life in your existing roof

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6 Sources of Damage to Your Commercial Roof

1. Thermal Shock

Here in the northeastern United States, the seasonal fluctuation of temperatures causes your roof to expand and contract. This stress placed on the roof can cause the material to detach and open a void for moisture to enter.

2. Outside Vendors

Throughout the years, you have different vendors walking on the roof to install or repair HVAC equipment. Since their focus is more on the system than the roof, they can make a mistake and accidentally damage the roof. It is very common to see punctures in a commercial roof around HVAC systems, caused when they drop a tool or equipment onto the roof.

3. Acts of God

Storm-related damage can quickly cause significant damage to your commercial roof. High winds can knock signs and branches into your roof, while hail can damage certain types of commercial roofs.

4. Vandalism

Although infrequent, vandalism can be a source of damage to your roof. It’s important to have a set of eyes on your roof a few times a year to look for the warning signs of vandalism.

5. Poor Workmanship

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the leading cause of failure in roofs in the United States is poor workmanship. We see it time and time again: in order to keep a project on-time and under-budget, some contractors will cut corners and not properly install a roof. This poor product will lead to further headaches down the road – unless you catch and fix it early.

6. Life Cycle of System

Your roof will not last forever; regular inspections can help it meet its expected lifespan. It is important to start the inspection process in the middle of the roof’s life cycle, so any issues can be addressed early. For example, if you have a 15-year roof, you need to start inspections by year 8; for a 20-year roof, we recommend inspections starting in year 12.


“We have been very blessed to have Josh Moser and his team of roofing experts repair several roofing problems that previous roofers have not been able to fix. Josh has accomplished these noticeable improvements for us at very reasonable rates for his services. We are looking to Josh to take care of more of our commercial roofing needs in the future as well.”

Donald T (Google Review)

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The best way to determine your current roof’s condition is to schedule a professional roof inspection. We will visit your building, document every square inch of the roof, and make our recommendations for next steps.


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