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The Window to Plan for 2022 Commercial Roof Repairs is Closing
Don't Put Off Scheduling Your Repair! As we move toward the second half of the year, the next busy season for roofing is fast approaching, and persistent supply chain issues continue to create protracted timelines for flat and low slope commercial roofing projects. Moser Roofing Solutions provides the best commercial roofing services throughout Pennsylvania and […]
Why Surface Preparation Is Critical with Commercial Roof Repairs
Does Your Commercial Roofer Complete Surface Prep? Commercial roof repairs are a key component of proper maintenance for flat and low slope roofs. When done correctly, a commercial roof repair can add years to the life of a roof at a fraction of the cost of a restoration or full roof replacement.  Unfortunately, not all […]
5 Key Components to Look for in a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program
Learn the Qualities of a Good Roof Maintenance Program Enrolling in a roof maintenance program is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your flat or low slope commercial roof. However, not all commercial maintenance programs are the same. Every roof maintenance program will include a different set of services, and some programs […]
Commercial Roof Restoration Near Me: Why You Shouldn't Hire Just Any Roofer 
Make Sure Your Commercial Roofer Is Experienced If your commercial roof is leaking, and you’ve started searching for terms like “commercial roof restoration near me,” you’re probably hoping to have your roofing issues resolved as quickly as possible. But when it comes to restoring your commercial roof, hiring the first roofer you come across—or the […]
Pennsylvania’s Local Commercial Roofing Experts
Moser Is Your Local Commercial Roofing Partner Whether your commercial roof is leaking, nearing the end of its lifespan, or just not performing as well as it once did, it’s important to have a local commercial roofing company you can rely on for all of your flat and low slope roofing needs. A reliable and […]
A “Green” Solution for Your Next Commercial Metal Roof Repair
Moser Helps Make Metal Roofing Even Greener Metal roofing is among the most durable and long-lasting materials available for flat and low-slope commercial roofs. It is also among the most sustainable materials widely in use thanks to its longevity and near-100% recyclability. But truly maximizing the lifespan and sustainability of a metal roof requires a […]
Most Common Causes of Damage to Commercial Roofing Systems
Learn the Biggest Threats to Your Commercial Roof All commercial roofing systems have an expected lifespan. Depending on the materials used in its construction, a flat or low-slope commercial roof may last anywhere from 10 to 40 years or more. However, certain factors can damage a commercial roof and require a roof replacement sooner than […]
5 Questions to Ask When Comparing Top Commercial Roofing Companies
Here Are the Most Important Questions to Ask a Roofer As you begin your search for commercial roofing companies, a handful of candidates will likely rise to the top. Often, these are the roofers with the best online reviews and with years of experience in the industry. But with this shortlist in hand, how do […]
Pennsylvania’s Top Commercial Roofing Contractors
Learn Why Moser Should Be at the Top of Your List At Moser Roofing Solutions, we always recommend choosing local contractors to take care of your commercial roof. Choosing a local commercial roofing contractor provides many benefits for your business, including knowledge of local building codes, expertise in roofing materials popular to your area, and […]
Getting the Most of Our Your PVC Roofing Installation
How to Maximize the Lifespan of a PVC Roof PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a popular option for commercial flat and low-slope roofing applications for many reasons, including affordability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Typically, a new PVC roof installation will last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. So what increases its lifespan, and […]
Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Warehouse Roofing Needs
Learn How to Choose the Best Industrial Roofing Contractor Many businesses in the mid-Atlantic area rely on warehouses and distribution centers to safely store products, house equipment, and effectively run their day-to-day operations. Problems like leaks or weather damage not only affect their roof, but they can compromise the safety of employees, disrupt operations, and […]
How to Spot Damage on Your Low Slope Roof
Here Are the Warning Signs of Low Slope Roof Damage Moser Roofing Solutions provides industry-leading flat and low slope roofing solutions for commercial buildings throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve seen commercial roofs show signs of damage in a variety of ways. And while the best way to […]
Moser Named a Duro-Last A+ Service Provider Once Again
Moser Is One of the Best Duro-Last Roofers! For the fourth year in a row, the Service Department at Moser Roofing Solutions has been recognized as A+ Service Providers by Duro-Last. This distinction means Moser ranks in the top 1% of Duro-Last roofing contractors when it comes to providing quality roofing service.  We’re proud of […]
How Hiring the Right Commercial Roofing Contractor Can Deliver Major Savings
The Right Roofing Contractor Makes a Big Difference We’ve talked about how to pick the right local commercial roofing contractor for your next project. We’ve reviewed several qualities that will help point you toward the right commercial roof contractor for your needs. But we haven’t explained why it’s so important to evaluate the details and […]
EPDM Roofing Installation: To Repair or Replace?
Learn More About Repairing and Restoring EPDM Roofing EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) gained popularity as a commercial roofing material thanks to its durability, affordability, and the ease of EPDM roofing installation. However, like all roofing materials, EPDM roofing will deteriorate with age, developing cracks and weak points due to factors such as severe weather […]
Your Guide to Comparing Local Commercial Roofing Contractors
What to Look for in a Commercial Roofing Partner When you look for a local commercial roofing contractor you’ll have plenty of companies to choose from. And while having options is great, it can also make hiring the right contractor much more difficult. Commercial roofers vary in terms of their experience, specialties, prices, quality of […]
Commercial Roof Inspections: Critical Information Every Building Owner Needs
Do You Know the Condition of Your Commercial Roof? It’s often said that knowledge is power, and that’s certainly true when it comes to your commercial roof! If you don’t know the health or condition of your roof, it’s much more difficult to plan around it, whether you’re purchasing a building or running a business. […]
Project Spotlight: Duro-Last's EXCEPTIONAL Metals
Here's How Moser and Duro-Last Brought OST Trucking a New Roof At Moser Roofing Solutions, we provide exceptional workmanship and industry leading, quality materials for flat and low-slope commercial roofs. Quality materials are an essential part of delivering an exceptional outcome. Commercial metal roofing systems are no exception, and for these projects the Moser team […]
Extending the Life of Your Built Up or Modified Bitumen Roofing System
Do You Know How to Make Your Asphalt Roof Last Longer? Asphalt-based roofing systems such as modified bitumen and built up roofing were once among the most common types of flat and low-slope roofing systems. As a roofing material, asphalt is fairly durable and affordable compared to many other materials. While modified bitumen and built […]
How a Maintenance Program Can Add Years to the Lifespan of Your Commercial Roof
Get the Most from Your Commercial Roof! Are you looking to get the most out of your flat or low-slope commercial roofing system? If so, a roof maintenance program is an excellent step in the right direction. Many commercial roofing companies offer preventive roof maintenance as an ongoing service to keep customers’ roofs in good […]
2022 Planning & Your Commercial Roof
Is Your Roof Ready for the New Year? With a new year comes a new annual budget for your business. There’s a lot to account for when it comes to planning out your 2022 expenses, and if the last couple years have taught us anything, it’s that having a contingency plan is very important. As […]
Commercial Flat Roofing: Key Considerations for the Restaurant Industry
What Makes a Good Restaurant Roof? No one type of roof can serve the needs of every commercial industry. Factories, stores, and warehouses may all use a commercial flat roof, but each of these properties encounters different roofing challenges and considerations. Among all commercial buildings, restaurants and other food service facilities have unique needs that […]
TPO Roofing vs. Modified Bitumen
Here's How TPO and Modified Bitumen Compare Business owners and property managers have a lot of factors to consider as they decide on the right roofing material for their commercial roof. While cost of installation is far from the only thing that matters, it’s typically the main thing on the minds of business owners. This […]
Commercial Flat Roof Repair vs. Replacement
Here's How to Know When It's Time to Replace Choosing between a commercial flat roof repair and a replacement is a critical business decision. Not only does it have major financial implications, but the health of your roof is directly tied to the health of your business, protecting your customers, your team, your assets and […]
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