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About Us

Find out About Us.

We’re the commercial roofing company you trust to safeguard your business.

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we have worked hard to build our reputation on old-fashioned integrity, white-glove service, and high-performance roof systems. Our team is passionate about being roof guardians to safeguard your people, your building, and your business.


We Deliver A Better Service Experience.

With Moser Roofing Solutions, we provide comprehensive solutions to protect and extend the life of your roof. We are committed to providing proactive education, exceptional workmanship, modern products, and technology, and outstanding service that creates new expectations for what it means to have a job well done in the roofing industry.

  • We provide concise and relevant education to help you make financially and structurally sound roofing decisions.

  • Our professional, considerate, safety-conscious team creates a seamless experience that raises the bar on what businesses expect from their contractors.

  • We adhere strictly to the project schedule, leaving you with a spotless work site, a sound roof, and a great impression.

We provide expert recommendations that help you make cost-effective decisions to ensure your roof will protect your people, your building, and your business now and in the future. With our award-winning craftsmanship and documented proof of a job well done, you will be completely confident in your decision and satisfied with the outcome.

Here’s What Customers Think of Moser’s Roof Restoration Services!

In spring 2015 I was faced with the task of updating a 40-year-old steel roof. Moser Roofing suggested a silicone roof coating to refurbish the existing steel roof. Their pricing was competitive, but the product knowledge and customer service was what sold the job. Josh took the time to explain the process and bring in the product supplier rep to answer all my questions prior to the installation. The crew was on time in completing the project, and there were no unexpected surprises. The new roof has performed great, and I would recommend Moser Roofing for all your roofing needs.

Jim Hower, Owner | Technical Process & Engineering Inc. | Leighton, PA

We Do the Right Things, and We Do Things Right.

A safe and protective roof requires attention to detail. We stay focused on the things that others often overlook. Every time we provide service for your flat or low sloped roof, you can count on us to do the right things, and do things right.

  • Accurate and Detailed Documentation for roof inspections, work specifications, material ordering, and even “before & after” work completion photos.
  • 3X Weld Checks that ensure the integrity of our work, occurring daily, at the end of job and as a final delivery sign off to ensure no leaks.
  • A clean roof for a safe and organized job site, with a clean membrane that is wrinkle free, and clear of any trash on roof or ground.

Contact Moser Roofing Solutions today for a roofing estimate and receive a FREE roof survey and photo journal.


Moser Roofing Solutions understands that your roof protects your most important assets. Whether your flat or low-slope commercial roof needs to be repaired, restored, or replaced, we have the right people, expert knowledge, and exceptional products to make your roofing project a white-glove experience.

We Serve Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Area

Based in Lancaster, PA, Moser Roofing Solutions provides award-winning installation and services to commercial properties in Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties, as well as the Mid-Atlantic states.

Serving the 
Mid-Atlantic States

Based in Lancaster, PA, Moser Roofing Solutions provides award-winning installation and services to commercial properties in Lancaster, Lebanon, Dauphin, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, and Chester counties, as well as the Mid-Atlantic states.

We Live Our Values Everyday.


We act right in every situation (even when no one is watching). 

We do what we say, communicate in a timely manner, and take responsibility for our actions. 

If we make a mistake, we tell you about it, fix it, and keep it from happening again.

Safety First

We act intentionally, consistently, and collaboratively to be safe so we can all return home without injury. 

We use the buddy system to watch out for each other on the job, staying aware of hazards and promptly addressing any unsafe working conditions. 

Every worksite is unique, and we take the time to learn and incorporate our customers’ safety policies.


We treat each other with respect and stay aware of how our behavior impacts those around us. 

We work hard to bring out the best in our coworkers so we can all do the right things every day. 

Each successful project is a win for us and our customers, and our team is serious about winning.


As a family and a team, we hold one another accountable so that we can all improve together. 

We invest time and attention into helping each other grow personally and professionally to provide for our families and contribute to our communities. 

We know when our team members are having a hard day and need extra encouragement.

Moser Roofing team.

We aim to be the contractor that our customers have in mind when they think about the absolute best experience. 

We prepare our proposals with care to concisely provide our clients with ALL the facts, insight, and advice they need to make confident decisions. 

We minimize any disruption or annoyance throughout each job.

We provide high visibility into every stage of work and take the guesswork out of projects.

We leave each property in better condition than we found it and never leave nails, trash, or damage behind.


In our perfect world, roof problems are detected and addressed sooner to protect businesses and livelihoods from harm.

Why Moser?

Trusted Advisor

You can start by thinking of us as a trusted business consultant. You might have an accountant for taxes and a lawyer for legal advice. Do you have a trusted roofing advisor?

Family-Owned & Run

Customer service is always our top priority. We understand that your commercial roof protects one of your greatest business assets. Whether your low-slope commercial roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded, we have the right people, expert knowledge, and exceptional products to make your roofing project a hassle-free experience.

Bottom-line Focused

A roof is a sizable portion of your overhead, so we can tell you where you can save money and any tax advantages available to you. Plus, we will manage and document ALL details of your roof’s care for you – all with an eye toward your bottom line.

We have Owned and Managed commercial property in Lancaster for 21 years, over the years we have used many local roofing companies. Based on our years of experience with an array of roofing problems, Moser Roofing Solutions has been the most Professional and responsive roofing company we have had the pleasure doing business with. Repairs are addressed quickly, detailed information and photos of repairs are provided eliminating questions about the work performed. All of Moser Roofing Solutions employees take pride in the work and very experienced. We would highly recommend Moser Roofing Solutions for all commercial roofing needs.

- Roger Lehmann, Commercial Property Owner | Lancaster, PA

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We Do It Right

Think, do, review.
Accurate & Detailed Documentation
Roof Inspections, Work Specifications, Material Ordering, Before & After Work Completion Photos.
Customer Support
Daily, end of job & DL Final = NO LEAKS.
The Roof "Look"
Safe and organized job site, clean membrane, wrinkle free, and no trash on roof or ground.

Hear from Glenn Eyster from ETube &  Wire, a machine shop in Shrewsbury, PA, about his experience with us.

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