Commercial Roof Restoration

A roof restoration from Moser Roofing Solutions costs less than installing a new roof, cause less disruption to your operation, total cost of coating system can be depreciated in the same tax year (be sure to consult with your tax account) and can reduce your monthly energy bill.

Our commercial roof restoration, upon repair of and current issues on the roof, adds a durable, waterproof coating to your building’s existing roof to stop leaks, prevent rusting, and even cools the building. Since there is no roofing tear off, the cost of materials and labor is reduced, making this the most affordable way to renovate your building’s roof.

The roofing coating we use is extremely durable and highly reflective, directing sunlight and heat away from your building. This protects the roof from UV damage, while also cooling the roof, which can lead to cost savings on your energy bill.

Our coatings are adaptable to most types of roofing systems used in our southeastern PA service area, including asphalt/modified bitumen, built-up roofs (BUR), rubber/EPDM, PVC/TPO membranes, metal (aluminum, corrugated, galvanized, standing seam, and copper), cement, and foam.  

A Word About Green Roofs

Researchers and communities are beginning to perform detailed, full life-cycle analyses to determine the net benefits of green roofs. A University of Michigan study compared the expected costs of conventional roofs with the cost of a 21,000-square-foot (1,950 m2) green roof and all its benefits, the green roof would save about $200,000 over the life cycle of the roof system. Nearly two-thirds of these savings would come from reduced energy needs for the building with the green roof


commercial roofing project
commercial roofing project

Source: Clark, C., P. Adriaens, and F.B. Talbot. 2008. Green roof valuation: a probabilistic economic analysis of environmental benefits. Environmental Science and Technology 2(6):2155–2161.

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