Commercial Roof Repair Services in Lancaster, PA

How is your commercial roof holding up?

Throughout the life of your commercial roof, damage will occur. Rust, leaks, and damage to the flashing are obvious signs of wear and tear on your low slope roof. However, what’s harder to spot are warning signs that are not visible from the ground. The cracks, bubbles, blisters, and gashes in your roof system can lead to serious damage to your roof and building. All of these issues require a skilled commercial roofing contractor to inspect and make necessary commercial roof repairs.

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we’re a roofing company proudly serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. We offer routine commercial roof repairs as well as emergency repair services. Our mission is to help you get the absolute most out of your roof through effective maintenance and timely repairs. If you’re ready to learn how we can help you extend the life of your existing commercial roof, talk with our experts today!

Repairs Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Roof

Every roof has an expected lifespan, but that lifespan can be drastically shortened through neglect and disrepair. Prompt roof repairs help ensure that your commercial roof will last as long as possible. In many cases taking a proactive approach to commercial roof repairs can help your roofing system outlast its expected lifespan by a significant margin. The faster you’re able to fix damage, the less likely you are to face major repairs or even an untimely roof replacement.

Here are some examples of damage to commercial roofs in central PA:

metal wall rusting and leaking
Poor Drainage

Component failure due to poor drainage.
metal roof damage lancaster pa
Neglected Temporary Repairs

Short-term repair with rust inhibitor paint.
Damaged wall vent.
Water Leaks from Aged Drains

Water leak from aging roof drainage system.
Improper commercial roof repair.
Inadequate Repairs

Improper repair resulting in water damage.
cracking damage on commercial roof
Cracks & Wear from Age

Normal wear and tear due to roof age.
flat roof damage repair in lancaster pa
Lack of Proper Maintenance

Damage due to poor maintenance.
Wondering What’s Best for Your Roof?
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Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage

From weather to foot traffic to sun exposure, your commercial roof faces a lot of challenges when it comes to protecting your business. There are many factors that can lead to roof damage. At Moser Roofing Solutions, we can help identify and remedy them for you.


Some of the most common causes of commercial roof damage include:

Age – Every roof has an expected lifespan. As your roof ages, seams can begin to break down and other portions of your roof can deteriorate.

Poor Drainage – One of the leading causes of leaks and water damage is poor drainage. On commercial roofs with low-slope or flat surfaces, effective drainage is even more vital.

Outside Vendors – If you’ve had HVAC, electrical, or mechanical work done on your roof, contractors may have cut holes in your roof and not patched them properly.

Improper Installation – Going with the lowest bid usually results in inferior work done by poorly trained subcontractors. Improper installation or repairs can lead to years of roof leaks and headaches.

Heat and Sun Exposure – Intense UV rays will cause your roof to deteriorate over time, while temperature fluctuations can result in damage from thermal shock.

Hail and Storm Damage – Impacts from hail can puncture your roof’s outer protective layer, while severe storms can bring high winds and heavy rain that may cause roofing issues

I have the highest respect for Josh Moser of Moser Roofing; he has always given me a fair price, excellent service and exceptional roofing installation. I highly recommend this business.

Ray Bowersox, President and Owner
Milton Transportation, Inc. | Milton, PA

24/7 Emergency Repairs

Roof repairs should always be carried out as promptly as possible to prevent further issues. However, some repairs are more urgent, such as: when an unexpected event causes major damage, or a significant leak suddenly surfaces. When your building’s roof is in urgent need of repair, you need a commercial roofer who will respond quickly, identify the problem, and make proper repairs effectively the first time; so you can get back to business. Moser Roofing Solutions provides 24/7 emergency roof repairs to cover these unexpected situations. With Moser on your side, you can be confident that your commercial roof is covered, any time!

Wondering What’s Best for Your Roof?

Moser Roofing Solutions is an award-winning commercial roofer serving discerning property owners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. From inspection and preventive maintenance to new roof installations, Moser is here to keep your roof in the best condition possible. If your commercial roof is damaged, or if you’re overdue for an inspection, contact us today!