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The condition of your flat or low-slope roof is an important factor in the safety and value of your commercial building. An older roof that is leaking or is prone to failure can be a serious threat to the people and the assets inside your building, and even the building, itself.

Moser Commercial Roofing Solutions, LLC is a commercial roofing contractor serving Pennsylvania and the greater mid-Atlantic. With decades of combined experience in the commercial roofing industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to tailor a solution that suits your budget, infrastructure, and business objectives. 

Our team of experienced industrial roofing contractors is skilled at industrial roofing services, including commercial roof repairroof restoration, and commercial roof replacement. We offer a free roof inspection to determine the current condition of your roof and to explore the options available to you. And, our Roof Guardian commercial roof maintenance program can add years of life to your existing roof.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

As the premiere commercial roofing contractors in the Mid-Atlantic, we help safeguard buildings, business operations, employees, and assets, so you can focus on the critical tasks that keep your business moving forward.

Why Choose Moser Roofing Solutions?

Your Roof Protects Your Business.
We Protect Your Roof.

As the premiere commercial roofing contractors in the Mid-Atlantic, we help safeguard buildings, business operations, employees, and assets, so you can focus on the critical tasks that keep your business moving forward.

Our Process

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we are proud to offer a comprehensive catalog of commercial roofing solutions with the intent of helping you get the most out of your commercial roofing system. Our unique, proactive approach means we are able to improve the performance and longevity of your roof, often at a fraction of the initially anticipated cost.

Moser Roofing team


Proactive Maintenance

Through our detailed on-site inspections, we proactively identify and address roof failures to keep your commercial roofing system in top condition.


Customized Solutions

We create a custom solution that fits your budget, infrastructure, and business objectives.


Maximize Your Roofing Investment

Our recommendations can include appropriate methods for extending the life of your existing roof (while maintaining the warranty) and a plan for replacement with high-performing materials that will provide protection for decades.


100% Customer Satisfaction Commitment

We adhere strictly to our project schedule, leaving you with a spotless work site, a sound roof, and a great impression.

The Moser Roofing Difference


We provide concise and relevant education to help you make financially and structurally sound roofing decisions. As a result, you become competent and confident in your data driven decisions pertaining to your commercial roofing systems.


Our workmanship and the products we use are backed by best-in-class warranties to protect your investment. Our white-glove approach to customer service sets the standard for proactive and honest communication, exceptional workmanship, quality materials, industry-leading technology and outstanding service.


Our professional, considerate, safety-conscious team creates a seamless experience that raises the bar on what businesses expect from their contractors. We understand that every worksite is unique, and we take the time to learn and incorporate our customers’ safety policies into each and every project plan.


Commercial Roof Inspection

Regularly-scheduled roof inspections help to identify vulnerabilities before they become major issues. By taking a proactive approach to maintaining your roof, you can add years to its expected lifespan. At Moser Roofing Solutions, we’re proud to offer roofing inspection services that include:

Learn more about our roof inspection services and get your Free Roof Survey and Photo Journal.

About Moser Commercial Roofing Solutions

Moser Roofing Solutions is an award-winning roofing contractor based in Lancaster, PA. Since 2009, Josh Moser and his team have been repairing and restoring commercial roofing throughout south central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Moser Roofing Solutions is a master contractor with Duro-Last, a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing systems. In 2016, Moser received the Duro-Last President Project Award for their work replacing a commercial roof in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Roof Guardian Preventive Maintenance Plan

With proper maintenance, your flat or low slope roof can last for years past its expected lifespan. The Roof Guardian from Moser Roofing Solutions is the best way to help extend the life of your roof with annual inspections, preventative maintenance, and emergency repair during the inspection. Members of the Roof Guardian program receive:

Learn more about our roof maintenance program.

Free Roofing Inspection

Do you know the condition of your commercial roof? Do you know what’s causing leaks? Have you identified areas of concern for your roof? Are you confident in your roof’s remaining lifespan?

Gain an accurate understanding of your building’s roof with a free roof survey from Moser Roofing.

I have the highest respect for Josh Moser of Moser Roofing; he has always given me a fair price, excellent service and exceptional roofing installation. I highly recommend this business.

Ray Bowersox, President and Owner
Milton Transportation, Inc. | Milton, PA