Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance


At Moser Roofing Solutions, our roofers are ready to respond to commercial roof repairs in PA, MD, DE, and NJ.

Throughout the life of your commercial roof, damage will occur. Rust, leaks, and damage to the flashing are obvious signs of damage to your low slope roof. What’s harder to spot are warning signs that are not visible from the ground: cracks, bubbles, blisters, and gashes in your roof system can lead to serious damage to your roof and building. Combined with clogs and blocks in the gutters and scuppers, all these issues require a skilled commercial roofing contractor to inspect and make the necessary repairs.


Low Slope Roof Repairs in Central PA

Moser Roofing Solution is Central PA’s choice for identifying and repairing damage with your flat or low slope roof. Our team is skilled at repairing leaks and other roof damage, as well as properly fixing past roof repairs. We also take a proactive approach, finding and addressing areas of concern before they become more serious. We look at structural damage, areas prone to rust, skylights, drainage systems, and insulation, making sure everything is working properly.


24/7 Emergency Repairs

When your building is leaking, you want a commercial roofer who will respond quickly, identify the problem, and make the proper repairs so you don’t lose more time or money. Call Moser Roofing Solutions for 24/7 emergency roof repairs.


How to Spot Damage in Your Low-Slope Roof


Commercial Roof Inspection

The first step to any roof repair is a thorough an in-person inspection. We get up on your roof, inspecting every square foot, and take photos of the damage we see. After the inspection, we will create a photo journal report of our findings, along with a schedule for making the necessary repairs.

Components of a Roof Inspection:

  • Check for storm damage and debris
  • Inspection of roof drains, scuppers, and gutters to ensure proper drainage is maintained
  • Inspection of all expansion joints, parapet walls, counter flashing, and seams
  • Checking all HVAC stands and structures for cracks in flashings or between any crickets and roof membrane or panel
  • Inspection of all pipe penetrations
  • Inspection of all coping and metal edge areas
  • Inspection of the field and perimeter of any fiberglass skylights


Ice and Snow Removal

Here in Central PA, winter storms can be few but furious. When a large winter storm dumps snow on your roof, will your roof hold up?

At Moser, we offer emergency ice and snow removal from low slope commercial roofs. Our team will remove heavy snow and ice from your roof’s draining system to prevent leaks and damage. This service includes:

  • Cleaning drains and scuppers from ice and debris
  • Removing snow from HVAC equipment
  • Unblocking ice dams
  • Identifying potential hazards (skylights, canopies, gas lines)

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection

If you are noticing leaks or moisture inside your commercial building, or you are concerned about the condition of your roof, schedule a roof inspection from Moser Roofing Solutions. We will identify areas of concern, share the results with you, and develop a plan for repairing the damage. Schedule an inspection today.


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