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Commercial Roof Repair Services Pennsylvania


commercial roof repair services pennsylvania


How is your commercial roof holding up?

Throughout the life of your commercial roof, damage will occur. Rust, leaks, and damage to the flashing are obvious signs of damage to your low slope roof.

What’s harder to spot are warning signs that are not visible from the ground: cracks, bubbles, blisters, and gashes in your roof system can lead to serious damage to your roof and building.

Combined with clogs and blocks in the gutters and scuppers, all these issues require a skilled commercial roofing contractor to inspect and make the necessary repairs.

Moser Roofing proudly serves Pennslyvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey offering commercial roof repair services and emergency commercial roof repair services


Planet Fitness Owner on His Moser Roofing Experience

Don Thomas, a commercial real estate owner and Planet Fitness franchisee, talks about why he chose Moser Roofing for roof repair.


Repair or replace?

It is rare that we will tell you that you need to replace your roof, unless it really is the only option. What typically works best is to do proper repairs according the manufacturer’s specs to maintain any warranties, and then continue with regular inspections and maintenance.

With the Moser Roofing team on your side, you’ll have peace of mind that your roof is performing as it should.
Peeling back part of damaged roof covering.

Common causes of commercial roof damage:

Age – After 5 years, the caulking used on commercial roofs starts to break down. These seams need to be regularly inspected and reinforced as your roof ages.

Damage – If you’ve had HVAC, electrical, or mechanical work done on your roof, chances are the contractors have cut holes in the roof and not patched them properly.

Improper Installation – Going with the lowest bid usually results in inferior work done by poorly trained subcontractors. Improper installation or repairs can lead to years of roof leaks and headaches.



Is Your Roof Damaged? Know for Sure.

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Your Low Slope Roof Repair Partner in Central PA

Moser Roofing Solution is Central PA’s choice for identifying and repairing damage with your flat or low slope roof.

Our team is skilled at repairing roofing leaks and other roof damage, as well as properly fixing past roof repairs. We also take a proactive approach, finding and addressing areas of concern before they become more serious.

We look at structural damage, areas prone to rust, skylights, drainage systems, and insulation, making sure everything is working properly.

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24/7 Emergency Repairs

When your building’s roof is leaking, you want a commercial roofer who will respond quickly, identify the problem, and make the proper repairs so you don’t lose more time or money. Contact Moser Roofing Solutions for 24/7 emergency roof repairs.



How to Spot Damage in Your Low-Slope Roof

Commercial roof damage is easy to spot – if you know what to look for. Most damage is only visible when you are physically on the roof.

Here are some examples of damage to commercial roofs in central PA:




Prevent Roof Issues from Getting Worse

Roof damage is like an iceberg: there’s a lot more than what you see at the surface. By the time a leak coming from the roof has found its way into your building’s interior, a significant amount of damage has already occurred.

To save time, money, and aggravation in keeping up your commercial roof, consider investing in a preventative maintenance plan.

Our maintenance plans include 2 inspections per year, emergency inspection after any serious weather event, and 10% off any service or repairs.

A maintenance plan is an affordable way to ensure any issues get caught before they become more significant and costly to repair.

About Our Maintenance Plans


“The Moser Roofing Team has consistently saved us time and money and provided a thorough Preventative Maintenance program now at several of our Planet Fitness Clubs in Lancaster, and our Fruitville Crossings Center on Fruitville Pike. Josh has personally provided a top-quality service, very reasonably priced, and does their work on time. Thanks to the Moser Roofing Team for the past and we have some future projects we will be working with you this year at other properties in Altoona and Lancaster County.”

– Donald R. || Lancaster, PA


Commercial Roof Repair in Central PA & Beyond

Moser Roofing Solutions is an award-winning commercial roofer serving property owners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. From inspection and preventive maintenance to complete roofing projects, Moser is here to keep your roof in the best condition possible. See some of our recent projects and hear from some of our satisfied customers.

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