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The Roof Guardian: Commercial Roof Maintenance Services Pennsylvania

commercial roof maintenance services pennsylvania

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Extend Your Roof’s Service Life with the Roof Guardian Preventive Maintenance Plan

Properly maintained, your flat or low slope roof can last for years past its expected lifespan. Annual inspections, preventative maintenance, and addressing areas of concern all help in keeping your roof sound and watertight. For commercial property owners located in Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic area, who want to extend their roof’s performance, prevent frustrations that roof leaks cause, and have confidence that the job will be done right the first time, the Moser Roof Guardian commercial roof maintenance service is for you.

Commercial Roof Preventative Maintenance Program: The Roof Guardian

Our Maintenance Plan is an affordable way to ensure your flat or low slope roof receives the preventive maintenance and repairs it needs – before a serious problem develops. With our maintenance plan, you will receive individual service and attention, as if you had a professional roofer on your facility staff.

Membership in the Moser Roof Guardian maintenance plan includes two commercial roof inspections every year (Spring/Fall), repair of any emergency issues found  and after each inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of our findings, including photos documenting any damage or areas of concern, as well as our recommendations.

If you experience a leak or significant damage while in this program, you are guaranteed an inspection and a repair team on site within 48 hours.

Roof Guardian Inspection and Maintenance Program

  • 3 year no leak warranty with all roof repairs
  • Bi-annual roof inspections per year (Spring/Fall)
  • Repair of emergency roof issues found at the time of inspections.
  • Written report with pictures from inspection
  • Guaranteed 48-hour repair team on-site if a leak occurs.
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Safety and quality are 1st
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Secure your roof with the Roof Guardian Maintenance Plan before the next storm

Protect your property, operation, and equipment: your business with the Roof Guardian preventative maintenance plan from Moser Roofing Solutions. To learn more, contact us today.