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PVC Roof Installation & Repair Pennsylvania

An Energy-Efficient Roofing Coating

Looking for an affordable way to extend the life of the roof on your commercial roof? Consider an energy-efficient reflective material like PVC.

Moser Roofing Solutions specializes in PVC roof installation and repair services for commercial roof restoration. PVC is a durable material that requires less labor than a traditional tear-off, while also reducing energy costs and adding decades to the life of your roof.

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What is PVC Membrane?

PVC (which stands for polyvinyl chloride) is a single-ply roofing membrane used on commercial or industrial roofs. Similar to other membrane roofing coatings like TPO and EPDM, PVC can be applied over existing roofing materials for an eco-friendly roof restoration. PVC membrane is the perfect choice for creating a durable, waterproof coating for flat and low-slope roofs.

Benefits of PVC Roofing:

  • Longevity – with a proper preventative maintenance plan, you can expect your PVC coating to last 30 years or more. Plus, Duro-Last provides best-in-class warranties on coatings and installations.
  • Durability – PVC is designed to withstand heat, and is resistant to both chemicals and punctures.
  • Energy Efficient – PVC is a highly reflective material that keeps buildings cooler and reduces energy demand.
  • Low maintenance – Factory-sealed seams means the membrane is more resistant to wear and water, as well as less maintenance and repair costs in future years.

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Duro Tuff Membrane Installation

Duro-Last PVC Membrane

At Moser Roofing, we rely on Duro-Last for our PVC roofing materials. Duro-Last is a leading manufacturer of roof coatings for flat and low-slope commercial roofs.

A benefit of Duro-Last’s PVC material is their custom fabrication. For a common installation, nearly 85% of the membrane sealing happens at the factory. This means fewer field seams to complete, which reduces labor costs and creates a more durable, waterproof roof.


“Working with Josh and the guys at Moser Roofing has been a great experience. They always kept me up to date on the project and all work was done in a timely manner. It went so well that I decided to use them on another property with a different style of roofing material.”
— Glenn E.


Is Your Roof Eligible for Restoration?

Not all roofs are eligible for restoration with a PVC membrane coating. Some require extensive repairs or a completely new roof. The best way to determine your options is with a free on-site inspection. We take detailed shots of every square inch of your roof, documenting leaks and areas of concern, and evaluate the right steps for restoring your roof – all for free. Schedule an inspection today.


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