Moser Roofing Solutions and Duro-Last: Delivering More Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Commercial Roofing Solutions

Here’s How We Work to Connect Our Customers with Sustainable Roofing Materials & Practices

As a leading provider of commercial roofing services in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, Moser Roofing Solutions prioritizes exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality materials for your commercial roof. As an A+ Duro-Last roofing partner, we also practice sustainability and environmental responsibility by using Duro-Last products. By using Duro-Last products, Moser Roofing Solutions offers many environmentally friendly advantages, from sustainable roofing materials to green practices. 

White Reflective Roofing Means More Energy Efficiency

Moser uses industry leading Duro-Last sustainable roofing materials, with white reflective roofing as a greener solution compared to traditional roofing options. White reflective roofing has a high solar reflectance, which helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof. This, in turn, reduces the amount of energy required to cool the building, leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Additionally, white reflective roofing has a longer lifespan compared to traditional roofing materials, reducing the amount of waste generated and the need for frequent replacements. White reflective roofing is a sustainable and eco-friendly roofing material for your commercial building.

On average, a commercial building owner can realize energy savings of up to 40% with a new sustainable roof. However, this will vary based on the specific circumstances of each building. To determine the exact amount of energy savings that a building owner can expect, it is recommended to conduct a detailed energy audit of the building and to consult with a professional roofing contractor like Moser Roofing Solutions.

Recycling Manufacturing Practices Means Less Waste

Moser Roofing Solutions demonstrates its commitment to the environment is through its recycling program. The company recycles materials from roofing projects, such as old roofing membranes and metal, to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. The production of roofing materials from recycled products requires less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to producing roofing materials from raw materials. 

Recycling roofing materials can save up to 95% of the energy required to produce roofing materials from raw materials, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to conserve natural resources. By using recycled materials, commercial roofing companies improve sustainability and reduce their overall environmental impact by reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, increasing sustainability, and saving energy. 

By choosing roofing products made from recycled materials, commercial building owners and managers can make a positive impact on the environment while also improving the sustainability of their building.

Product Certification Means Lower Environmental Impact

Using roofing materials that have third-party certifications is becoming increasingly important. The Duro-Last membranes that Moser uses have obtained the NSF/ANSI 347 Gold Certification, based on product design, product manufacturing, membrane durability, corporate governance and innovation. Duro-Last also has a product-specific PVC environmental product declaration (EPD), certified by global public health organization NSF International. The EPD reports environmental impact data which assists building contractors, architects and designers in making more informed purchasing decisions. 

Custom Fabricated Roofing Means Better Installation

Moser Roofing Solutions installs custom-fabricated Duro-Last Roofing Systems, with up to 85% of the seams completed in a factory-controlled environment before the roofing system is delivered to the job site. By eliminating most of the on-site seaming, the potential for leaks is dramatically reduced. By using Duro-Last’s custom fabricated roofing, Moser can provide a faster, quieter and easier installation, with up to 70% less maintenance and a more reliable roof performance for years to come. 

A Solar Ready Roof Means You Are Future Proofing Your Building

Rooftops are an excellent place to install solar systems because they are typically unused and unobstructed spaces. A “solar ready” roof for a commercial building refers to a roof that is specifically designed and built to accommodate future installation of solar panels. A solar ready roof includes the necessary electrical and structural components to support the weight and power of solar panels, making it easier and less expensive to install solar panels when you are ready. 

Moser ensures your commercial roof has a strong, sturdy structure to support the weight of the solar panels, as well as withstand wind and weather. Having access to adequate electrical capacity and leak-preventative conduit makes it easy to install the panel wiring when you install solar energy systems. The roof must also be easily accessible for installation and maintenance of the solar panels.

Having a solar ready roof provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for commercial building owners and managers who want to install solar panels in the future. By investing in a solar ready roof today, building owners can reduce their energy costs and reduce their environmental impact by using renewable energy sources when you are ready to “go solar”. 

The Moser Difference Means A Better Environment

With a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing its carbon footprint, Moser Roofing Solutions has established itself as a leader in the industry for eco-friendly roofing solutions. Using sustainable roofing materials not only reduce energy costs for building owners, but also contribute to reducing the carbon emissions produced by the building.

Additionally, Moser Roofing Solutions utilizes innovative techniques for roof repair and maintenance that minimize waste and extend the life of existing roofing systems. Sustainability efforts on the job site helps reduce its carbon footprint through its daily operations. Moser is committed to the environment with energy-efficient materials, recycling program, and daily operations. By choosing Moser Roofing Solutions, building owners and managers can rest assured that they are making an environmentally responsible decision in their commercial roofing partner and a smart investment for their commercial building.

Contact Moser Roofing Solutions at (717) 696-1175. Your roof protects your building. We protect your roof. (And the environment.)

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