Project Spotlight: TPO Roof Repair for Lancaster County Food Hub

See How Moser Completed This TPO Roof Repair for a Good Cause new drainage from Moser's TPO roof repair

Commercial roofing repairs can give a flat or low slope roof a new lease on life. In the case of this TPO roof, a repair not only fully solved the building’s drainage issues, but ensured the integrity of the building’s roofing system, enabling the Lancaster County Food Hub to continue carrying out their mission.

At Moser Roofing Solutions, our aim is to provide high-quality commercial roofing solutions to clients throughout the Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic region. While most of our clients are businesses, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the community, as it’s the local community that has supported our business for many years. When Lancaster County Food Hub got in touch with us about a TPO roof repair, our team was quick to respond! 

The Moser team worked to resolve the severe drainage issues plaguing this building, thus protecting the people and resources housed within this building. This left the Food Hub better able to focus on their mission of providing food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.

Project Background: TPO Roof Repair to Fix Drainage Issues

Moser Roofing Solutions first came into contact with Lancaster County Food Hub through a new volunteer who had been helping with maintenance. Water had begun pooling on a connecting portion of the building, as the drainage in that area couldn’t keep up with the accumulating rainwater. This put the building at risk of water damage and failed inspections that could interrupt the organization’s operation. 

The price for the repair came out to around $13K, much of which came from the necessary plumbing work. This amount would be particularly difficult on the Food Hub’s resources—so the maintenance volunteer, Paul Miller, and Moser Founder Joshua Moser worked together on a plan to minimize the cost to their organization. 

The Result: No More Ponding Water!

To resolve the drainage issues, the Moser team worked to complete a TPO roof repair for the Food Hub. Our team installed new drain flashing on the roof, while the plumber completed the necessary work to redirect the water. These combined efforts completely got rid of the ponding water, which also eliminated the risk of consequence from local inspectors.

In working on this project, Josh and Paul teamed up to minimize the cost to the Food Hub. Josh Moser donated the cost of the roofing work, while the pair put their heads together to find a plumber who would complete the work of rerouting the plumbing to redirect the water for free. It took some calling around, but ultimately they found a plumber willing to do it! This donated work meant the Food Hub would get their much-needed TPO roof repair, ensuring continuity of their operation, all while saving their limited financial resources to spend on those in need.

About the Client: Lancaster County Food Hub

Lancaster County Food Hub’s aim is to provide for those most in need within the greater Lancaster community. Despite the name, their organization provides much more in addition to their free food pantry, including a free clothing bank, an overnight emergency shelter every night of the year (for men and women), a daytime shelter, and an outreach program aimed at at-risk individuals take steps toward a more stable and healthy life.

Their services touch thousands of lives: around 30,000 people per year make use of their food programs, while their clothing bank provides for around 10,000 per year. 

You can learn more about their services through this video:

Lancaster County Food Hub

Like many other organizations, the Food Hub has been greatly impacted by supply chain issues. Demand for their services has risen to very high levels, while supply chain issues have impacted their ability to get enough food and clothing donations. Donations of food and clothing (especially men and school-aged children) are particularly needed, while monetary donations are more important than ever for the Food Hub to replenish important stock. 

To donate to Lancaster County Food Hub, please visit this link.

Contact the TPO Roof Repair Experts at Moser!

If your TPO roof is leaking or has significant ponding water, it’s important to act fast to avoid major water damage throughout your building. Moser Roofing Solutions is the leading expert for commercial flat and low slope roof repairs. We repair all types of single-ply roofing systems, including TPO, along with metal and other common types of commercial roofing. 

Give your roof a new lease on life! Moser will work with you to find the most cost-efficient and effective solution for any roofing problems you may have. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!

Featured image courtesy: Lancaster County Food Hub

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