Tax Credit Savings

Tax Credits Available For Using Energystar® Products

What Improvements Qualify?

quote-taxsavingsCommercial building owners can take tax deductions by reducing the costs of three energy-using systems: building envelope, lighting, and heating/cooling. If all three systems are improved, the building owner can take a total deduction per square foot (amount of deduction is date sensitive; please call for the most recent figures). If any single system is improved, the owner can deduct one third of the amount.

commercial roofing project
commercial roofing project

Moser Roofing’s white, reflective roof coatings, SPF foam roofing and single-ply membrane systems affect the building envelope and, when applied, qualify the building owner for a per-square-foot tax deduction (amount of deduction is date sensitive; please call for the most recent figures). Improvements must produce an energy savings of 50 percent or more of the projected annual energy cost for the building. Special software is required to calculate energy savings.

Click here for a list of DOE-certified, IRS-approved software.

I have the highest respect for Josh Moser of Moser Roofing; he has always given me a fair price, excellent service and exceptional roofing installation. I highly recommend this business.

Ray Bowersox
President and Owner
Milton Transportation, Inc., Milton, PA

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