Project Spotlight: EPDM Repair & PVC Roof Installation

Have a Complicated Roofing Budget? Moser Can Help! ailing roof with ponding water in need of a new PVC roof installation

It’s important for commercial building owners to understand that commercial roofing is rarely a “one and done” type of situation. Commercial roofing systems can be highly complex. On smaller buildings, commercial roofing includes several layers of crucial components to work properly, while on larger buildings different sections may feature completely different material makeups. 

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we have the experience and expertise necessary to handle even the most complex roofing systems—and to work around even the most restrictive budgetary needs. 

In today’s Project Spotlight, our customer needed a completely new PVC roof installation, but only had the budgetary capacity to replace the roof in sections each year. Due to these unique requirements, we worked closely with our customer to tailor a multi-year plan for keeping the roof in good condition while steadily working toward a fully replaced roof.

Here’s how it happened.

The Background 

Our client for this project was Masonite, a door supplier company located in Northumberland, PA, north of Lancaster and Harrisburg. They operate from a very large commercial building with a flat roof composed primarily of EPDM and PVC roofing, and this roofing system plays a critical role in protecting the employees and merchandise located within the facility. 

Masonite found Moser Roofing Solutions while doing online research for solutions to their situation. Upon reviewing our work, services, and company values, they were impressed enough to reach out and talk to our team about their commercial roofing needs.

The Project

This project required a full PVC roof installation for Masonite’s ailing commercial roofing system. They faced severe roofing issues, including multiple sections of their roof that were failing or would fail soon. A detailed diagnostic inspection revealed that the best course of action would be to replace the entire roof with a new PVC roof installation. Most of the sections to be replaced were PVC, but there were also sections of EPDM roofing that required service and repair as well. 

However, due to budgetary constraints, they wanted to work with a commercial roofing contractor that could help them come up with a long-term plan for the roof—one that would prevent failures and improve the condition of the roof without breaking the bank.

The Solution

Due to the condition of this PVC and EPDM roof, and the restricted budget, Moser Roofing Solutions came up with a plan to protect the business with a new roof and protect the client’s finances with a longer project horizon. Based on the cost of a full PVC and EPDM roof installation, Masonite estimated it would take six years of their roofing budget to fully replace the roof. 

This meant Moser Roofing Solutions would not be able to replace the roof all at once. Instead, the Moser team needed to come up with the right combination of services to keep this roof in working order while steadily working toward complete replacement and restoration of this complex roofing system.

completed PVC roof installation

The Result

Working closely with our client, Moser developed a full six-year roofing plan for the Masonite facility. The plan included a combination of repair and replacement services. Repairs were made to triage and address areas of the roof that still had a few years of life left. Meanwhile, complete EPDM and PVC replacement was made to sections of the roof that were most in need.

The Masonite roofing project has been a truly collaborative project between Moser and our client, with Derek Shenk acting as project manager and at least half a dozen other Moser team members all making significant contributions. 

While this project is still in progress, the ongoing result is a greatly improved overall condition of this roofing system, ensuring the continuity of business operations, minimizing the risk of more severe roofing issues through strategic repairs, and maximizing the cost efficiency and affordability of this project by splitting up the full roof replacement over the course of several years.

Moser Roofing Solutions Has a Commercial Roofing Plan for You!

Due to the complexity of flat and low slope commercial roofing systems, it’s important to work with a skilled contractor that can not just provide one-off services, but come up with a complete plan for your specific commercial roofing needs. 

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we pride ourselves in being a true commercial roofing partner. We work closely with our customers to provide the right roofing services at the right time—even if the right roofing solution is out of the ordinary. 

If you’re worried about budgeting for a full roof replacement, don’t worry! Moser Roofing Solutions can come up with a plan that will fit within your budget while ensuring your business is protected for years to come. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic inspection for your commercial building.

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