Moser Roofing Once Again Named a Platinum Contractor with Duro-Last

Top Duro-Last Roofing Contractors

For the third year in a row, Moser Roofing Solutions has been named a Duro-Last Platinum Contractor, a distinction achieved by only the top 3% of roofing contractors who install Duro-Last products. We’re proud that our Platinum Contractor status means you can be assured that we’ll provide you with expert craftsmanship and exceptional quality materials for your commercial roof. And we have our entire team here at Moser to thank for their commitment to quality that led to this recognition!

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we provide only the most reliable, high-quality commercial roofing solutions to businesses located throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. That quality starts with both the right materials and the right contractor—and for years, Moser and Duro-Last have been the perfect combination! 

Duro-Last Platinum Contractors: A Roofing Achievement

As one of the top manufacturers in the industry, Duro-Last maintains very high standards for installation and use of their products. To rank among the top 3% of their associated contractors, them, is a very unique distinction that few roofers can claim.

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we continue to hold ourselves to high standards of quality and craftsmanship every day. We’re proud of our team for their commitment to excellent service and quality craftsmanship, and being named a Platinum Contractor for three years running.

Duro-Last: The Go-To Manufacturer for Quality

A high-quality roof starts with high-quality products. No matter how good a roofer may be, using cut-rate products will inevitably lead to more frequent issues, repairs, and premature roof failure.

Duro-Last is synonymous with quality when it comes to commercial roofing materials for flat and low slope roofing systems. Founded in 1978, they’ve remained on the cutting edge of roofing, as the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated roofing systems with best-in-class warranties that set the standards for the roofing industry. Their product offerings cover coatings for roof restorations, single-ply membranes, and durable metal roofing products that last for decades and resist all forms of damage.

In addition to their high standards of quality, Duro-Last designs, develops, produces, and distributes their products all from right here in the United States. They’re also a family-owned company, which is a valuable quality to our own family-owned company at Moser. 

3 Million Square Feet of Duro-Last Products Installed

Moser Roofing Solutions has been an authorized contractor of Duro-Last products since March of 2015. In that time, we’ve developed a close business relationship with Duro-Last and achieved numerous distinctions, including being named an A+ Roofing Contractor by Duro-Last. 

Over the course of these last several years, our team of expert roofing contractors has installed more than 3 million square feet of Duro-Last roofing materials, andwe have no intention of slowing down. Duro-Last has proven time and again that they produce the most reliable and durable commercial roofing materials in the industry.

Moser Roofing Solutions: Your Go-To Duro-Last Roofing Contractors

For the best in quality roofing materials and superior commercial roofing craftsmanship, calling on Moser Roofing Solutions to install Duro-Last products on your roof is the perfect combination. Our long-running partnership with Duro-Last gives us an unmatched advantage you won’t find anywhere else in the Pennsylvania and Mid-Atlantic region. In addition, our in-depth knowledge of roofing solutions and decades of commercial roofing experience means we have the skills to provide the right solution for your commercial roofing challenge.

Schedule your inspection today and find out how Moser Roofing Solutions and Duro-Last can protect your commercial roof!

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