The Window to Plan for 2022 Commercial Roof Repairs is Closing

Don’t Put Off Scheduling Your Repair!

As we move toward the second half of the year, the next busy season for roofing is fast approaching, and persistent supply chain issues continue to create protracted timelines for flat and low slope commercial roofing projects.

Moser Roofing Solutions provides the best commercial roofing services throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. Businesses and property owners in our area should plan now to be well prepared for the winter. Here’s why the window to plan for commercial roof repairs is closing and why you should schedule your inspection now.

The Fall Roofing Season Comes Sooner Than You Think!

As with roofing in general, the commercial roofing industry typically has two busy seasons during the calendar year: spring, as cold weather gives way to milder temperatures, and again in fall, as the heat of summer begins to cool off. Changes in the weather can mean changes to your roof, so you need to be proactive.

Mild temperatures create popular times of year for roofing as the window for outdoor work is much wider. Extreme heat and cold leave roofers with a limited time to work on a roof. Additionally, both the heat of summer and the cold of winter can impede the performance of certain roofing products, particularly adhesives which must set within a certain temperature range.

Fall is an especially popular time for commercial roof repairs, as it’s the last chance for business owners to make sure their roof is ready to withstand the coming winter weather. While scheduling in summer will typically leave enough time to make sure commercial roof repairs are completed by the time winter arrives, extenuating circumstances are prolonging roofing projects and leaving less availability for your commercial roof repair.

Supply Chain Issues Continue to Impact the Roofing Industry

The main reason why roofing projects are delayed in the current environment is the persistence of supply chain issues that have impacted the roofing industry for the past few years. Manufacturers have been scrambling to keep up with demand, and many types of roofing projects, particularly within the commercial industry, are experiencing protracted timelines.

Certain types of roofing materials and supplies have been impacted more than others. For instance, depending on the manufacturer, roofing membranes may not be available for six months or more. In addition, insulation may be backordered for a year or longer. To avoid delays in the start of your roofing project, it’s best to plan as far ahead as possible and consult with a trusted commercial roofing partner for accurate advice on your roofing needs.

It’s Not Too Late to Prepare Your Roof for Winter!

The current circumstances means the window to plan for your commercial roof repairs this year is closing faster than you may have realized. Fortunately, it’s not too late! There are several steps you can take to ensure your roof is ready for the winter.

The first step to prepare for winter is to schedule a comprehensive commercial roof inspection from one of the experts at Moser Roofing Solutions. As experts in commercial flat and low slope roofing, we will examine every portion of your commercial roofing system to diagnose any problems and identify potential trouble spots. Following the inspection, Moser will help you formulate a plan to remediate any emergency roofing issues and plan repairs.

Don’t Delay! Contact Moser Today to Schedule an Inspection

While it’s still summertime, it’s important to plan ahead for your commercial roofing needs this year. The best time to schedule an inspection and plan commercial roof repairs is now. At Moser Roofing Solutions our team of commercial roofing professionals is standing by to thoroughly inspect your roof and help you prepare for the harsh winter ahead. Contact us today to get started!

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