Tips for Budgeting for a 2023 Commercial Roof Repair

Plan Ahead for Roofing Work

Commercial roofing projects can significantly impact your business’s bottom line. What’s more, with ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages, the cost to complete roofing projects isn’t likely to decrease. This means it’s more important than ever to factor the cost of hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor for a roof repair or replacement into your annual budget, if possible. 

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we work closely with business owners throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region to plan into the future when it comes to their commercial roofing needs. Planning ahead and allocating a portion of your budget to your commercial roof can give you greater peace of mind while protecting your bottom line and your business. Moser is the most trusted roofing contractor for commercial roof repair and replacement projects. Here are our recommendations for budgeting for a 2023 commercial roof repair.

Complete Work This Year, If You Can

It’s always best to schedule roof repairs as soon as you know they’re necessary. However, with potential tax benefits on the line, scheduling commercial roofing projects sooner rather than later makes even more sense.  

As we covered in a previous post on tax planning, many investments in your commercial roof can be deducted from your tax bill for that fiscal year using the Section 179 Deduction. While this deduction is traditionally used for equipment and other purchases, property repairs and improvements also fall under this category. Depending on the scope of your roofing needs, there may still be time to complete work on your roof this calendar year.

Schedule a Full Diagnostic Inspection

If you aren’t sure whether your roof will require a repair or replacement, it’s best to schedule an inspection with an expert commercial roofing contractor. This is an especially good idea if your roof hasn’t been inspected recently, or if it was impacted by storms between now and your last inspection.

When scheduling a commercial roofing inspection, make sure to hire a roofer who specializes in flat and low slope roofing systems and who provides full diagnostic inspections. This combination of specialized knowledge and a thorough inspection will ensure you’re more informed about the condition of your roof so you can make a better business decision. At Moser, our diagnostic roofing inspections cover every portion of your roof, going well beyond the surface to fully assess the health of your roof.

Address Issues Early 

If an inspection reveals damage or issues with your roof, it’s important to address those problems immediately. Even if you can’t complete work within 2022, any roofing damage or issues will leave your roof vulnerable to the elements, and existing issues will compound into more complex—and more expensive—problems. 

The benefit of inspecting your roof now is that you can avoid surprises next year. Surprise roofing expenses can be difficult to deal with as a business, and revealing problems early on will help you avoid this challenge.

Replacement on the Horizon? Start Saving Now

One key piece of information that a full diagnostic inspection from an expert commercial roofing contractor is whether you’re likely to need a major roof repair or replacement within the next couple of years. The sooner you know about a major upcoming commercial roofing expense like this, the quicker you can factor this upcoming expense into your budget and begin saving. 

While commercial roof financing is available, the more you can pay upfront the less you’ll pay in interest over the life of the loan or financing plan you choose. In other words, saving more now for a roof replacement you know is coming will help you save money in the long run.

Moser Roofing Solutions: Your Go-To Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

Moser Roofing Solutions is the go-to commercial roofing contractor for roof repair, replacement, and maintenance services. Our team specializes in helping business owners get the most from their flat and low slope commercial roofing systems, all while clearly communicating roofing options to our clients to help them make informed roofing decisions.

As the end of the year approaches and the time to budget for 2023 draws near, make sure you aren’t in for an unpleasant surprise. Schedule a full diagnostic inspection today, and the Moser team will help you account for your roofing needs in your budget. Contact us today!

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