Project Spotlight: Commercial Roof Repair with $270,000 in Savings

Why Choose Moser? You Could Save Hundreds of Thousands!

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we have many stories of customers who just couldn’t get a contractor to take a good, honest look at their roof—until they talked to us. As the leading commercial roof repair contractor serving Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re strong advocates for timely repairs that can save you money on your commercial roof while adding years to its lifespan.

In today’s Project Spotlight, we’re focusing on one such success story. This client was budgeting well into the six figures for the cost of a commercial roof replacement, as they thought it was their only option. They’d spoken to many contractors, none of whom recommended repair or restoration options. But in the end, they trusted our recommendation for a roof repair—and saved $270,000 dollars compared to the cost of a replacement. Let’s take a look at this project!

The Background

Tanger Outlets, a major shopping center located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, features a variety of brand name and designer outlet stores. These stores are spread across a large complex that includes several buildings with commercial roofs.

Tanger Outlets first came into contact with Moser Roofing Solutions when Joshua Moser reached out to inquire about their commercial roofing needs. The timing couldn’t have been better, as they were facing roofing issues and were actively seeking quotes from commercial roof repair contractors to address the problem!

The Project

The building manager at Tanger Outlets had been gathering quotes for this project, and believed the only option was a full roof replacement. Two separate roofing contractors had said as much, telling them a replacement would be necessary to meet their needs.

When Joshua Moser came into contact with Tanger Outlets, he was the only commercial roof contractor to recommend repair and restoration as an option for this roof. He listened carefully to their needs: to add between five to ten more years to the lifespan of this roof. Then he provided a suggested course of action that would not only add these years, but save Tanger Outlets hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ultimately, they agreed with our recommendation, and we got started with the project!

The Solution

Logistics are often one of the most challenging aspects of a commercial roofing project. This is because the buildings we work on are buildings where people work, whether it’s a factory or shopping mall.

For this project, our team needed to find the ideal placement for our crane and dumpster to minimize space taken up in the parking lot below. As Tanger Outlets is a well-trafficked shopping center, we didn’t want to block the path of potential customers. We also worked around the shopping center’s hours, maximizing the amount of work done while the center was closed and focusing other working hours around times where the shopping center was less busy.

To complete this commercial roof repair project, we provided a wide variety of services that would maximize the years added to the lifespan of this roof while minimizing cost. This included general roof repairs as a means of preventative maintenance, as well as installing roof coatings to restore two roofs within the complex. 

Moser Roofing Solutions also installed other key features on these roofs to maximize performance, safety, and convenience. This included a safety ladder to improve access on a roof that previously was difficult to reach and hiring a mason to add scuppers to a roof that had poor drainage. 

The Result

The commercial roof repair and restoration was completed with minimal disruption and exceptional craftsmanship. The result was a total savings of $270,000 compared to the costs provided by other commercial roof repair contractors. Rather than replacing this roof immediately, Moser found a solution to meet the needs of the client by extending the life of the commercial roof by five to ten years at a fraction of the cost. 

Moser Roofing Solutions: Your Commercial Roof Repair Contractor

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we’re dedicated to finding the right commercial roofing services for your needs every time. Management at Tanger Outlets was blown away by the time and effort we made in giving them the best possible roofing advice. That isn’t a unique experience for our clients. It’s just what we do here at Moser Roofing Solutions.

If your flat or low slope commercial roof is showing signs of reaching the end of its lifespan, contact Moser Roofing Solutions today. A replacement may not be your only option, and you could save tens—or hundreds!—of thousands with a timely roof restoration and repair.

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