Commercial Flat Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Here’s How to Know When It’s Time to Replace

Choosing between a commercial flat roof repair and a replacement is a critical business decision. Not only does it have major financial implications, but the health of your roof is directly tied to the health of your business, protecting your customers, your team, your assets and your building. 

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we specialize in helping business owners get the absolute most out of their commercial roof. Many times, we can provide a commercial roof repair that will help add years to the life of a flat or low-slope roof. No roof can be repaired forever, so when the time comes to consider a commercial roof replacement, make sure you  understand how to accurately evaluate the “repair vs. replace” decision for your business.

What Can Be Fixed with a Commercial Flat Roof Repair?

While some property owners may see a roof repair as an emergency service, routine maintenance and repairs actually play a vital role in maximizing the lifespan of a commercial flat or low-slope roof. Regular inspections can help to identify minor roofing problems that can quickly become major issues if left unaddressed. Putting off inspections and repairs could necessitate a roof replacement sooner than expected.

Commercial roofing repairs can address roofing emergencies and leaks that surface when your roof has been damaged by weather. However, timely repairs can also fix many other roofing problems that may appear during the life of your roof, such as:

  • Drainage problems and standing water
  • Damaged or rusted flashing
  • UV and heat damage
  • Aging materials and deterioration
  • General neglect and poor maintenance

When Does a Roof Replacement Become Necessary?

The short answer to when a roof replacement becomes necessary is, “it depends.” There are certain severe issues that may warrant a commercial roof replacement. However, in many cases a replacement can be avoided for several years through repairs or restoration solutions such as roof coatings. Generally, some of the most common reasons to replace a commercial roof include:

Your Roof Is At Or Near Its Expected Lifespan

Every roof has an expiration date. From the time of installation, your roof will have an expected lifespan, which can vary greatly depending on the materials used in its construction. While good roof maintenance can extend this lifespan (more on that in a bit!), repairs become less effective the older your roof gets. Ultimately, a roof is more likely to need replacing once it is near, at, or beyond its expected lifespan.

Your Roof Has Widespread, Significant Damage

While a roof repair can often restore a damaged flat or low-slope commercial roof, some damage is simply too severe to fix efficiently. When a commercial roof sustains major, widespread damage from a storm, it may cost nearly as much to repair as it will to replace. In cases like this, it’s typically more cost-effective to replace your roof.

You’d Like To Upgrade Your Commercial Roof

In some cases, a roof replacement isn’t born of necessity. Some business owners may be looking to upgrade their commercial roofing system to improve the value of the building.  For example, installing a cool roof can improve energy efficiency. In cases like this, it’s often better to remove the existing roof and start from scratch than to build on top of the older roofing system.

Moser Is Your Partner for Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance!

While every roof needs to be replaced eventually, timely repairs as part of an effective roof maintenance program are the key to making your roof last as long as possible. At Moser Roofing Solutions, our Roof Guardian maintenance program keeps your commercial roof protected year after year. The Roof Guardian plan includes regular inspections, complete and detailed reporting, and expedited repair services to keep your commercial roof in peak condition.

Need a repair, an inspection, or want to learn more about our Roof Guardian maintenance program? Contact Moser today!

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