Moser’s 100+ Point Commercial Roofing Inspection

A Thorough Commercial Roofing Inspection Makes All the Difference

Preventative maintenance, repairs, and upkeep are critical to maintaining the health of a commercial roof. When it comes to proper commercial roof maintenance, a thorough, diagnostic commercial roofing inspection is the first step to extending the life of your roof and protecting your people, your assets, and your business.

Regular commercial roofing inspections will keep you informed about the condition of your roof and ensure you’re aware of any potential problems or issues before they become more severe. This knowledge empowers business owners and property managers to protect their investment through timely repairs, saving thousands of dollars over the life of their commercial roofing system.

The effectiveness of a commercial roofing inspection depends on the roofing company you choose and the inspection process they follow. At Moser Roofing Solutions, our 100+ point diagnostic roof inspection is designed to thoroughly examine every portion of your roofing system, top to bottom, inside and out. Our commercial roofing inspection process provides value, savings, and peace of mind to businesses throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Region’s Most Thorough Commercial Roofing Inspection

Because inspections are so critical in maintaining the condition of a commercial roof, we’ve painstakingly planned out our inspection process to examine and assess your commercial roofing system for vulnerabilities. While some roofers will merely provide a cursory inspection, our 100+ point inspection goes far beyond your roof’s surface. 

During our inspection process, we thoroughly examine the entire exterior of your building, including the roof’s surface and critical components such as flashing and drainage. We examine roof-mounted equipment to identify potential vulnerabilities that HVAC and other systems may have created. Within your building, we look for signs of leaks, excess moisture, or water damage, and we also perform a diagnostic inspection of your building’s ventilation system. These are just a few key areas covered within our 19-page, 100+ point inspection document!

The Moser Roofing Solutions Difference

In addition to being thorough, our diagnostic commercial roofing inspection includes a number of key components many other roofers simply overlook. Those components include:

Core Cuts

One of the most valuable diagnostic techniques in a commercial roofer’s arsenal, a core cut is a cylinder cut from the top of the roof’s surface to the decking below. Taking core cuts enables a roofer to examine every portion of the roofing system from top to bottom. Much like the rings of a tree, each layer has a story to tell, from the surface material to the insulation. Core cuts can give a much clearer idea of the roof’s condition and even indicate if you may need to check your building for asbestos. 


An inspection won’t be as effective without knowing more about your roof and what you want to get from it. As part of our inspection process, we have a conversation with our customers and go over the objectives for your commercial property, including:

  • Operational objectives – What is the function of your building? Do you expect these operational objectives to change in the near or distant future?
  • Legacy objectives – Is this an investment property? Do you plan to sell your building in the near future? Or will your building remain in the family for generations?
  • Green/sustainability objectives – Are you hoping to convert your roof into a green or cool roof? Do you hope to install a solar array in the future? Solar panels can impact your roof’s warranty, depending on the materials used in its construction.

Full Report & Images

Of course, a major purpose of a commercial roofing inspection is to communicate information about the current condition of your roof. This means the quality of the report your roofer puts together can make or break a roof inspection.

At Moser Roofing Solutions, we take the reporting aspect of the commercial roof inspection process as seriously as the inspection itself. Our commercial roof inspections include a full diagnostic assessment of the condition of your roof, including recommended repairs and a plan for your roof that aligns with your business goals for your building. Our reports also include many images to help you to better understand the state of your roof inside and out.

Contact Moser to Schedule Your Commercial Roofing Inspection!

Whether you’re inspecting before purchasing a commercial property or assessing the health of your family-owned commercial building, Moser Roofing Solutions offers the most thorough and complete diagnostic roof inspections in Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region. If you’re ready to schedule your inspection with the area’s leading commercial roofing experts, contact Moser today!

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